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Although same-sex marriages are not yet recognised by Australian federal law, gay couples often choose to publicly celebrate their love and union in a commitment ceremony. A commitment ceremony is a public celebration of the love and commitment you share with your partner. I can assist you in creating a ceremony which is personal and meaningful, a memorable occasion that has real significance and truly reflects the way you feel about each other. Your commitment ceremony will be created with the same dedication as a marriage ceremony.

Renewal of Vows
Often known as a re-affirmation ceremony, a renewal of vows ceremony provides you with the opportunity to re-affirm your original marriage vows, or to reinvent your vows in celebration of who you are as a couple now. Some couples renew their vows as part of a significant anniversary. Others have a ceremony for friends and family who were unable to attend their wedding day. Whatever the reason, a renewal of vows ceremony is a powerful way to reaffirm your love and commitment.

When someone we love dies, I am well aware that this is a time of great personal loss. As a celebrant, I will be sensitive to your needs and go to great lengths to ensure that you feel well supported as we create a dignified and personalised funeral ceremony that celebrates the life of the deceased person.

As society’s values change, so has the way we conduct funeral ceremonies. Increasingly, funerals are held in locations which held special significance for the individual in life, such as a much loved garden or family home. Others prefer the more traditional chapel setting.

The eulogy will be based on the memories and anecdotes of the deceased from at least two closely connected family members or friends. I also encourage close family and friends to be involved in the sharing of meaningful poetry, readings, personal messages and any symbolic gestures during the ceremony.

Naming and Adoption
A baby naming ceremony is an alternative to a religious Christening or Baptism. It is a special time to celebrate the birth or adoption of your baby and to welcome the new arrival into your community of family and friends.
Your personal name has sacred significance; it is an important part of your uniqueness and identity and is worth celebrating. A naming ceremony also reminds parents, godparents (or ‘mentors’ / ‘guardians’) and grandparents of the immense responsibility that is now theirs, that a great deal of their lives will be involved in the caring, guiding and nurturing of the child.

A naming or adoption ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to offer their love and support for your child’s future. Poetry, readings, music and symbols with cultural significance, enhance the sacredness of the ceremony and a certificate will be provided as a memento.