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John McCullough
Authorised Marriage Celebrant

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It’s your wedding

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! Your wedding is your day and should reflect your vision as a couple. My role is to guide you through the entire wedding ceremony process, from our initial meeting of introduction, through to the ceremony rehearsal and the wedding day itself. I will assist you in personalising your wedding, ensuring your special occasion truly expresses your feelings, values and uniqueness as a couple. Your wedding needs to be enjoyable, meaningful and remembered forever by you, your family and friends.

Where to begin?
Contact me to discuss my availability. Arrangements can then be made to meet at a mutually convenient time at a suitable venue. This is also the opportunity to discuss my fee and what it includes.

Before our initial no obligation meeting, you should at least have an idea about the look and feel of your wedding and the exact time and place of your ceremony, which we can discuss in more detail once we meet in person.

After our initial meeting and assuming I am the celebrant for you, that we are the ‘Right Match’, I will deliver to you the Notice of Intended Marriage. This government document will need to include such details as mothers’ maiden names and years of birth of children of any previous marriages. It is essential that I receive the completed NOIM one month and one day before your wedding date.

At our second meeting I will require proof of birth, passports or naturalisation certificates and a Decree Absolute in the case of a divorce or death certificate if a previous partner has died. This meeting is especially important, as it marks the beginning of our journey together as we create your meaningful, personalised and memorable wedding ceremony. I will also leave you with my Marriage Celebrancy folder, which contains relationships brochures, resource material (e.g. wedding poetry and readings), my Booking Form, sample copy of one of my wedding ceremonies and the text, Ceremonies & Celebrations, by Dally Messenger.

Questions I may ask you
Your wedding ceremony should reflect your story as a couple.
With this in mind, you can expect to be asked such questions as:
When and how did you meet?
Why marry?
What does marriage mean to you?
How have your family and friends reacted to your proposed marriage?
What does family mean to you?
What are your dreams for the future?
How do you want the day to look and feel?
What symbols and rituals hold particular significance?
How involved do you want family and friends to be in your wedding?
Have you given thought to any particular music pieces, poems and readings or the ceremony structure?

The Vows
The wedding vows are an expression of your emotional commitment to someone you love. Your vows, which we prepare together, should express your true feelings. If you are sincere with your vows, they will become a great source of strength and stand you in good stead throughout your married life. Whether your wedding vows are traditional, modern or have deep cultural significance, they should form a true picture of your heart and mind.

Cultural Ritual and Symbolism
Couples practice rituals in their marriage ceremonies to mark a transition of significant change in their lives, to prepare themselves for the next new stage of life’s journey and, being a social ritual, to bring others along with them.

For thousands of years symbols and rituals have provided humans with powerful images. These have evolved over time and they reflect our ever changing society. Symbols and rituals, embedded in our history and culture, are more powerful than words alone. Hence, they add depth and texture to your wedding ceremony.

Naturally, I will research and suggest meaningful ceremonial acts and symbols which reflect your particular beliefs, spirituality and cultural background and include these in your special wedding ceremony if it is your wish.